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Reserved, luxurious seating 18+/19+ admission (by province) In-seat food and beverage service Private licensed lounge Specialty food menu



D-BOX Motion Code motion effects are specifically programmed for each visual image and sent to a motion generating system integrated with either a platform or a seat - The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with all onscreen content, creating an unmatched, realistic, immersive experience

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Cinema Delivers the Hearts of Consumers

With consumers’ entertainment dollars being stretched further than ever and more entertainment options fighting for those dollars, cinema remains the choice of Canadians. In the past 12 months, more than 102 million Cineplex Media moviegoers have attended the movies. No channel switching, commercial zapping or multi-tasking to distract moviegoers from your message. Impact Research consistently reveals cinema’s strong Ad Awareness, Brand Recall and Purchase Intent. It all means ad messages in cinema reach the Heart of the Consumer (thanks to your ad’s effectiveness, your budget truly delivers the audience you buy). Cinema provides a cost-efficient night out for our movie-going consumers. It’s still a treat to get out of the house and see the best that Hollywood and the film industry have to offer — something even the cable series can’t provide.

- The BEST way to showcase creative or launch a new spot

- Delivers 75% higher emotional engagement than TV

- Engages consumers 3.5 times longer than TV

SOURCE: Cineplex Media Customer Research, April 2013

Source: PMB Spring 2013

Cinema Delivers Strong Reach of Key Demos

Attended the movies in the past three months indexed to the population

74% of P12-24 (Index 136)

69% of A18-34 (Index 126)

65% of P12-49 (Index 118)

Source: PMB Spring 2013

Moviegoers Attend Movies an Average of 5.2 Times Per Year

For those who have attended a movie in the past year

12% Attended Movies 4+ Times

49% Ateended Movies 2 Times

91% Attended Movies Once

In the Past 3 Months

Source: PMB Spring 2013

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Movies Are The Thing To Do!

Movies rank number one against all these other activities while still remaining less expensive than most!

Source: PMB Spring 2013

Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, Jan 2007-July 2012, TV recall is within 24 hours, cinema recall is within 7 days. TV alone sample 522k, cinema alone sample 106k, combined sample 22k

Source: Composition Total Toronto PMB Spring 2013, Composition Cinema Ad Impact Study-Toronto 2013

Moviegoers Are More Likely to Avoid TV Commercials

  • Avoid type Mute Commercials:
    % 19% (Index 130)
  • Avoid type Fast-Forward:
    % 33% (Index 123)
  • Avoid type Switch TV Channels During Commercials:
    % 51% (Index 109)

Source: PMB Spring 2013 - Attended Movies in the past 3 months - Frequently/Usually

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The Happy Place

Movie theatres are happy places. Movies provide consumers with an escape from the world for a short time, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the story on the screen. Thus the actual act of “going to the movies” is a positive experience. “Going to the movies” is often the catalyst for more entertainment, be it seeing friends, loved ones, dinner or shopping.

In a recent Media Behavior Institute U.S. study (Touchpoints 2013):

  • 62% of moviegoers used the term “happy” when describing their state of mind at the movies.
  • 29% described themselves as “excited”.
  • No other media came closer than 10% when asked the same questions.

A U.S. National Omnibus Study shows (Phoenix Marketing International, May 2013):

  • A18-59 - 49% of moviegoers believe ads “added to their enjoyment”.
  • With women, it increases to 52%!
  • With A18-34, it increases to 54%!

Showcase your brand in a theatre full of non-distracted, engaged and happy consumers who are interested in what you have to tell them.

No other media can deliver that.

Source: Audience Arrival Audit 2012 - Strategic Marketing Council

Cinema Delivers 41% More Engagement Than the Same :60 second spot on TV

Cinema Delivers 41% More Engagement Than the Same :60 second spot on TV