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Discover the Cineplex Advantage:

The Cineplex Media Advantage

From introduction to relationship, no other advertising partner can offer you and your consumer an engagement opportunity like Cineplex Media’s cinema experience. “Going to the Movies” is so much more than a movie. It’s an outing, an event that the moviegoer, your consumer, looks forward to; and that puts them in a positive mood from the moment they make their movie-going decision.

Computer Tablet Phone
Magazine Readers
Popcorn Bag

Cineplex Media connects you and your consumer through well-placed digital ads from the time they begin their mobile or online search for titles, times and theatres and purchase their tickets via computer, tablet or phone.

And that’s only the beginning.

Once your customer, our guest, arrives at the theatre, you can engage them via Digital Signage and Backlit ads in our lobbies and spend time with them, either through ads or sponsored/customized content, as they read Cineplex Magazine or Le magazine Cineplex.

But the real action begins when the lights go down. Our guests are in their seats, not distracted by phones, channel switching or the outside world. That’s when you can engage with them through game play, commercial spots or customized content during the Pre-Show experience. Or wait to dominate their senses by having your message run just prior to the Coming Attractions and the movie they’re here to see.

But we’re not done yet. After you’ve engaged your consumers throughout their cinema experience, put your product in their hands or let them experience it via a Kiosk activation as they exit the theatre.

Cineplex Media has you covered from the very start of the consumer’s night out until they walk out our doors.

It’s The Cineplex Media Advantage.


Coast-to-Coast Cinema Coverage

Cineplex Media Represents 94% of Canada's Box-Office*

  • Province
    % of Canada's Box Office
  • Province Yukon
    % of Canada's Box Office 100%
  • Province B.C.
    % of Canada's Box Office 98%
  • Province Alberta
    % of Canada's Box Office 95%
  • Province Sask.
    % of Canada's Box Office 99%
  • Province Manitoba
    % of Canada's Box Office 99%
  • Province Ontario
    % of Canada's Box Office 96%
  • Province Quebec
    % of Canada's Box Office 81%
  • Province Atlantic
    % of Canada's Box Office 100%

* Rentrak YTD 2013

(average reported attendance for Cineplex Media represented theatres LTM 2012/2013)